Himalaya Fall 2012 Update: Summits On Manaslu!

800px Sunrise, Manaslu

As expected, a calm weather window gave climbers on Manaslu, the eight tallest mountain in the world at 8156 meters (26,759 ft), an opportunity to launch summit bids over the weekend. These attempts came just one week after the tragic avalanche accident that claimed more than a dozen lives, but the climbers who remained on the mountain in the wake of that tragedy had their patience and perseverance rewarded at last.

Amongst the teams that saw success on summit day was the Mountain Professionals squad. They report that their entire team successfully topped out earlier today and made it back to Camp 4 to enjoy some rest and hot tea before proceeding down to C2 for a proper sleep. If all goes according to plan, they should complete the descent tomorrow and return to Base Camp at that time.

Similarly, the Altitude Junkies checked in following their successful bid as well, reporting that 15 members of their team reached the summit. Two Sherpas and one member of the group did turn back on the way up, but everyone else, including Edita Nichols, managed to stand on top. They’re all feeling strong and in good spirits, and have started their descent back to Camp 2 as well.

The Himalayan Experience team was also scheduled to make their summit bid starting yesterday, but as of now there has been no update on whether or not they were successful. Considering how well oiled the Himex machine is, I’d guess that they were able to put at least some of the climbers on the summit but they just haven’t had the opportunity to report in just yet.

Congratulations to all the teams. Everyone enjoy the feeling of success and get back to BC safely.

Kraig Becker