Kickstarter Project Wants To Digitally Restore El Capitan Movie

Back in 1968 one of the classic climbing films of all times, El Capitan was released to much acclaim. It chronicled four climbers as they spent three days climbing iconic rock face which remains one of he best known routes in the entire world. 44 yeas ago the cameras for capturing that kind of action were bulky, heavy and primitive at best. As a result, the print for the film doesn’t hold up as well as it should by today’s standards.

But there is a Kickstarter project underway to digitally restore the film. The team behind the project is looking to raise $25,000 by the end of October so that they can clean-up the print. As of now, they have a little over $19, 000 in pledges with just five days to go. The video below tells you more about the project and if you feel inspired to contribute to the cause, click here to visit the Kickstarter page.

Kraig Becker