Video: Dramatic Rescue Footage From HMS Bounty

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Over the past few days I’ve posted a couple of stories about the sinking of the HMS Bounty and the dramatic rescue of most of her crew. One member of the crew died before SAR teams could get to their location and the captain of the ship remains missing at this time. The ship ran into trouble a few days back when it was caught in Hurricane Sandy, lost power and engines, and began to take on water. As things go progressively worse, the crew took to the lifeboats and put out a distress call. At that time, the Bounty was still standing up right and floating, but eventually the tall ship gave way to the elements and was swallowed up by the ocean.

The video below was taken by the Coast Guard rescue teams who helped retrieve the survivors from the water. It gives us a good idea of how turbulent the seas were at the time, and this was shot after Sandy moved through. At its full strength, it was impossible for the SAR teams to get to the life rafts, so they had to wait for things to calm down some. When the rescue was underway, the weather was still fairly wild.

The video comes our way courtesy of the Daily Mail and a big thanks to George for sharing the link with me.

Kraig Becker

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  1. This is amazing footage, it's unreal to think the waters are that bad over on the East Coast when we are experiencing no bad weather here in the midwest.

    I'm sure that all of us here at the University of Northern Iowa are wishing the best for all the Americans affected by the hurricane.

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