Adventure Tech: ATC Chameleon Action Camera

ATCChameleon 2 lg

Okay, so the number of “action cams” on the market is starting to reach critical mass. It seems there is a new one being released every other week these days, with most of them just hoping to get a piece of the pie that GoPro is mostly hoarding to itself. Since most of these cameras all have fairly similar features, such as 1080p HD video, built-in WiFi and wide angle lenses, they all need to find new and interesting ways to stand out from the crowd. The new ATC Chameleon from Organ Scientific has come up with a unique way to do just that, by combining two cameras into one unit, allowing the device to record video in two directions at once.

Both cameras are actually rotatable up to 180º, giving the person shooting the video plenty of versatility in what they capture. When both are activated, you can opt to have the synced video split either horizontally or vertically, with that choice having a direct impact on the quality of the image. When split vertically, the two screens are VGA quality, while horizontally they are both shot in 720p HD. This dual lens technology opens up the door for some creative film making to say the least, as you can now shoot in two directions while on a mountain bike run for instance. To accomplish that now, most people need to use two cams and synchronize them during the editing process. That’s a task that can be challenging for the inexperienced.

Aside from the unique two-lens camera system on the Chameleon, there isn’t much else that makes this device stand out. It has comes equipped with a battery that is rated for two hours of record time and it uses micro-SD cards to capture the action. It is also compatible with a host of different mounts and accessories, but it doesn’t have advanced options suck as wireless connectivity, the ability to control it via a smart phone, or GPS tracking, all of which are common on competing cameras. Oregon Scientific isn’t known for making the highest quality gear either, and judging from the video below, image quality isn’t the greatest here either. But, this camera costs just $199, which isn’t bad for an entry model with a gimmick. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to start making your own action films, perhaps this just the camera you’re looking for.

Kraig Becker