All-Female Rowing Team To Cross Pacific In 2013

pac ocean mapA four-woman rowing team is gearing up to take on the Pacific Ocean next summer. The crew, which consists of Annabel Hancock, Laura Penhaul, Becky Scott and Wendy Hilton, intend to set out on their three-stage crossing next June, departing from San Francisco on what is expected to be a six month long, 8500+ mile (13,680 km) journey.

The Coxless Rowers will spend their first 50 days out on the water by rowing from their launching point to the Hawaiian Islands, covering more than 3000 miles (4828 km) in the process. Following the completion of that stage, they’ll move on to the second, 2600+ mile (4185 km), 60 day row that begins in Hawaii and ends in Samoa. Finally, they’ll wrap things up with a third leg that well cover some 2810 miles (4522 km) between Samoa and Cairns, Australia.

The ladies are hoping to become the first all female team of four to row across the Pacific. As we all know, Roz Savage did it solo a few years back, but in her case she rowed one stage per year over the course of three years. The Coxless Rowers are hoping to push straight on through, manning the oars in two-hour shifts, 24-hours per day while out on the ocean.

At the moment, the team is focused on their training and getting their new boat read for the sea. They hope to take possession of that boat sometime in December and begin testing it out on the water in January after it has been completely outfitted. That should give them plenty of time to be ready for their June 2013 launch.

Follow their progress on their website, Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Kraig Becker