Climb For Change Launches New Online Fund Raising Platform

Often times when I write about the adventures of othera I regularly note that they are undertaking some endeavor in an effort to raise funds for a charity or cause. Those actions are always applauded of course and I know many people in the outdoor community who relish the opportunity to give something back and contribute in some way. The challenge arises when they try to balance those fund raising efforts with all of the logistics that come along with launching a new expedition. It can be really difficult to plan all of the details of an adventure, test and pack gear, gather necessary permits and visas and coordinate with other members of the team, while still trying to promote a cause. Thats about to get a lot easier thanks to Climb For Change and their newly launched Campaigns site, which aims to make fund raising efforts a lot easier.

The idea behind the  Campaigns site is a simple one. Make it as easy as possible for teams making charitable climbs around the world to set up a webpage where others can donate to their cause. The pages allow for a great deal of customization and branding, and they even incorporate social media elements that make it easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Climb For Change Campaign pages are safe and secure, allowing donations to be easily accepted with all funds going directly to any registered charity in the U.S., U.K. or Canada. The process of signing up is simple and anyone can begin accepting donations in no time at all.

If anyone knows something about raising funds through worldwide adventure, it’s Climb For Change. I first wrote about them two years ago, and since then the organization has continued to grow and expand. The site was designed to be a hub for adventurers of all kinds to meet and share ideas on how they can make a difference in the places that they visit during their travels. An active community has grown around the Climb For Change website, making it a great place to interact with others who are planning expeditions of their own. Adding the ability to easily manage charities campaigns seems like a natural extension of the community and I applaud the efforts of the CFC team for undertaking this initiative.

If you’re planning a fund raising campaign of your own, give this new tool a look. It will certainly take a lot of of the work out of the process.

Kraig Becker