Sailor Planning To Sail Around The World In A 10-Foot Boat


I’ve covered a number of attempts to sail solo around the world over the past few years but this one really takes the cake. 73-year old Swedish sailor and boat builder Sven Yrvind is planning on circumnavigating the globe in a tiny boat that isn’t much larger than a bathtub. The boat, which is one of his own design and construction, will be just ten feet (3 meters) in length and provide barely enough room for Sven, his gear and supplies.

Yrvind plans to make his 30,000 nautical mile (55,600 km) journey non-stop starting in Ireland. He’ll first he’ll sail south along Europe and Africa, rounding the Cape of Good Hope, before jetting eastward towards Australia. He’ll brave the turbulent Souther Ocean as he sails around the southernmost point of South America, before breaking back into the Atlantic and heading north to where he started. Sven estimates it will take a year and a half to complete the voyage.

Since this will be a non-stop and solo voyage, Yrvind will have to carry everything he needs with him to survive the entire trip. Considering the limited size of his ship, that doesn’t give him much room for luxuries. The veteran sailor, who has more than 50-years of experience, says he’ll carry 880 pounds (400 kg) of granola and sardines, and will occasionally catch fish to supplement his diet. He’ll also stock his boat with plenty of books to keep himself entertained. Sven says he’ll also take the time to enjoy the solitude of the sea and focus on his writing as well.

The previous record for the smallest craft to sail around the globe without stopping is 21-feet in length. Sven’s craft is less than half that size. Whether or not his boat is up to the task remains to be seen, but the Swede seems confident in his vessel and skills. It’ll certainly be interesting to see if he can make it.

Thanks to my friends over at EpicTV for sharing this tory.

Kraig Becker