Video: Himalayan Stove Project October Update


The Himalayan Stove Project is an organization that I first learned about earlier this year but immediately identified with. This non-profit is working hard to replace crude, inefficient and unsafe cook stoves that are found in many homes throughout Nepal with newer, cleaner and more efficient models. The goal is to have deliver 10,000 such stoves in a five year period, helping to protect the environment and the lives of those who use them in the process.

This past spring, the HSP conducted its first rollout, delivering 1500 stoves to the first recipients. The results have been life changing for those who have benefited from the program, as the new stoves keep dangerous smoke out of the house and burn hotter with less fuel. For the first time ever, families have been able to enjoy a meal together indoors and they are no longer being exposed to such harmful pollutants.

I love the Himalayan Stove Project because it is having such an immediate and dramatic effect on the lives of people living in a place that I happen to be inexplicably drawn to. The Project’s goals are simple and straightforward, yet so impactful for the people they help, something I admire a lot.

In the video below, we get an update on where the HSP is as of October of this year and where it is headed in the future. The video gives you a great idea of just how important this project is and how those affected feel about it.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Chief Cook is really cooking something good… this is brilliant. Straight-forward, honest and as real as it gets. Still brings me to tears. I'm totally inspired to be a part of this amazing project. in beauty, Amara

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