Video: Polar Training In Greenland

In 2013 a team of polar explorers that includes the likes of Ben Saunders, Martin Hartley and Alastair Humphreys is planning on making an unsupported round-trip South Pole expedition that will cover more than 1800 miles (2896 km). Preparing for such a journey is never easy, particularly since it is difficult to locate a place that can replicate the kind of conditions that you’ll find in the Antarctic.

Greenland is one such place as it offers up plenty of snow and ice, not to mention sub-zero temperatures and high winds. Last year the three men spent two weeks in Greenland training for their South Pole expedition. The short film below was shot during that outing and serves as a great example of the efforts that polar explorers go through to get ready for the rigors of the trail. The video is 20 minutes in length and beautifully shot. I hope you enjoy it.

Greenland from Studiocanoe on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker