Adventure Tech: A Solar Charging Snowboard

Lets face it, when we hit the slopes these days, we tend to take a lot of gadgets along with us. Between our smartphones, GoPro cameras, regular digital cameras and electronic goggles, we have a lot of batteries to keep fully charged. That’s where the latest creation from Signal Snowboards can come in handy. The mad scientists that work in the company’s labs have managed to add a thin photovoltaic cell onto the deck of a snowboard and wired a convertor between the bindings. The results? A board that can collect power while you’re shredding the slopes, then allow you to charge your devices when you take a break.

The video below shows you how they want through the process of creating the snowboard, which isn’t meant for production. At least not yet. It is more about the Signal team having a little fun and pushing the envelope to a degree. Still, a very cool project that I’m sure some snowboarders would love to have.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Adventure Tech: A Solar Charging Snowboard”

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  2. Nicely done! With technological advances in solar panels – Especially the ones that are flexible, we will see a lot more innovation like this.

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