EpicTV Posts Patagonia 2012 Climbing Season Update


EpicTV has posted an excellent update on the 2012 Patagonia climbing season, which is underway in Chile as we speak. The article shares some good information on the current conditions across the region and some of the more impressive climbs that have already taken place.

The article quotes Colin Haley, who has become a staple in Patagonia over the past few years, as saying that conditions are actually not as icy or snowy this season thanks to a very warm and dry summer last year. That hasn’t stopped Haley from joining foraces with Italian climber Andrea Di Donato to take on the West Face Ragni Route on Cerro Torre. The duo managed to knock off that route in a mere 17 hours. Colin shares his thoughts on that climb and some of the challenges that he and Andrea faced on their way to the top.

EpicTV goes on to share some interesting news on other ascents as well, specifically expeditions on Cerro Standhart, Aguja Mermoz and of course Fitz Roy. Climbers Korra Pesce and Manu Cordova were also able to link-up of Punta Herron and Torre Egger in what sounds like a very impressive climb.

Climbing in Patagonia doesn’t receive nearly the amount of coverage as the Himalaya of course, but the region at the End of the World really does serve up some great routes that are extremely technical over mixed ice and rock. EpicTV includes some truly excellent photos from these climbs as well, which helps to give us a sense of what the teams were up against there. If you’re into climbing porn, you’ll definitely want to check out these images as well.

Click here to read the report in its entirety.

Kraig Becker