Massive Photo Of Everest Puts Mountain Into Scale

EBC Pumori 050112 preview

NASA may have flubbed their image of Everest from orbit last week, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with the photo that GlacierWorks has posted. it’s a GigaPixel photo of the world’s tallest mountain captured in all of it’s glory and one that I’m sure you’ll all appreciate. It is the MUCH larger version of the image above, but the best part is you can zoom in on the mountain, pan around in all directions, and really get some amazing views of the place. It also provides a great sense of scale, as you can spot the tiny little yellow specks at the base of Everest, which are of course the tents in Base Camp.

This truly is a beautiful, amazing image. To see it in all of it’s glory, click here. I recommend setting it to “Full Screen” mode to get the full effect.

Kraig Becker

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