Video: Ueli Steck On Gear And Climbing

I came across this video this morning and while it mostly serves as a commercial for Mountain Hardwear gear, it also gives us some insights into the brain of climber Ueli Steck. As the video says, Ueli brings the mentality of an ultra-runner to mountaineering, always wanting to go faster on the mountain.

To accomplish that, his gear needs to be incredibly light without sacrificing performance, something that he worked closely with Mountain Hardwear to accomplish. Several of the company’s designers are also in the video, sharing their thoughts on the way that Ueli changed their approach to creating gear.

The results were a complete kit for the Swiss Machine that ways less than ten pounds. Pretty impressive stuff.

The Ueli Steck Project – Mountain Hardwear ProLab from Mountain Hardwear Europe on Vimeo.


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  1. Now thát is an old video, at least a year old or something like that.
    Launched together with the Ueli Steck collection at MH, but some of the gear/clothing has already been removed from the collection after just a year or so.
    For example the Power Stretch pullover with the hood has been removed, which makes the Pata Cap 4 Hoody the king of this segment again (although the Kwark Power Stretch hoody from Poland seems interesting too, the hood seems not to be balaclava-style).
    The anorak/pullover (261 grams) still seems to have it's right of existence, because Marmot only makes a full-zip version (170 grams) of their Essence shell. Which in turn makes for a more bulky and weird layer along the belly. But on the other hand, the Haglöfs Endo II Pull (285 grams) seems to be a more durable than Mountain Hardwear's. So that one would have my preference above MH's.
    The sleeping bag seems quite good, but the one in the collection isn't the one Ueli uses. As anyone can clearly see in some MH-video, Ueli uses a sleeping bag without a zipper. The MH bag in the collection has a full zip. So in this regard I would prefer PH Design, where one can let a sleeping bag being made according to one's preferences.
    Then there's the tent, which for alpine climbing seems to be just find. For most outdoor purposes however, a VAUDE Power Tokee UL seems to be more appropriate.
    The rucksack has more right of existence though, as it is about as light as Gossamer Gear's, but with some neat features not only alpine climbers could appreciate.
    Finally the shirts seem to be fine, but i don't know about their performance. I know that the shirts that would keep anyone driest would be either Brynje's or Helly Hansen. If the MH's perform at least as good, theirs would be of my preference because of the looks on the way back from an endeavour (for example by plane or train).

    All in all: it's an old video. Ueli has set some standards, but most of them are either too specific for general outdoor use (tent, down clothing), or already caught up by competing brands (PS top, sleeping bag, shell).

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