Website Recommendation:

Looking for a good source of information and reviews on all kinds of outdoor gear? Then look no further than the new site The recently launched site is the brainchild of a husband and wife team who came up with the simple idea of interviewing everyday folks like you and me about our favorite outdoor gear. They then record those interviews on video, edit them and post them on the site, providing fresh, unbiased insights into how well a piece of gear performs.

In addition to each of the video reviews, the site also provides a written transcript of what is said as well as a brief description of the item. The “Where To Buy” section even links out to online sources to purchase the product in case you decide that you want to add it to your personal gear closet too, while “The Lowdown” is a summary of the pros and cons, and the best places to use the particular gear item.

What i like about the site is that we get mostly unfiltered thoughts from the various reviewers, who are knowledgable about the products and the outdoors. Each of the videos that I watched featured someoe who is obviously an outdoor enthusiast, and in some cases an outdoor professional. They came across as being smart and experienced with gear, without conveying the sense that you were watching someone spout PR jargon.

As you would expect, the site is broken down into sections based on activity such as camping and climbing. There are even sections for both men’s and women’s gear, which is a nice touch too. There are already a nice catalog of reviews in place, with more being added all of the time.

If you’re looking for a new resource for gear reviews, then you’ll want to add to your bookmarks. There is definitely a lot to like here.

Kraig Becker