Woman Spends Two Years Sleeping In A Tent In Antarctica

stacie murray

Stacie Murray is a Chef for the U.S.’s research base in Antarctica, which by all accounts is a comfortable and warm refuge in an otherwise cold and forbidding environment. But Murray happens to enjoy the outdoors and as such she tends to sleep outside of the base in a tent. In fact, according to this story at the Adventure Journal, she has just reached a milestone for having slept 730 nights – two years – outside. 

In an email to AJ, Stacie says “Last night was my two-year mark for sleeping in a tent in Antarctica. It has not been all in a row, but over the past few seasons here on the ice. I awoke this morning to beautiful calm weather, minke whales feeding on krill out my front door and hot coffee, brought to me to celebrate my achievement.”
That sounds like a pretty great way to start a new day in the Antarctic, especially with the whales just outside the tent in the morning. This is also an impressive streak of consecutive nights outside while in Antarctica, as you would think that occasionally it would be so cold that she’d want to spend an evening or two inside. Apparently it is pretty cozy inside that tent. No word on what brand of shelter she uses or which sleeping bag she prefers either.
Adventure Journal is quick to point out that Kerry Kells also spends her nights outdoors while stationed in the Antarctic. In her case, Kerry clearly uses a Mountain Hardwear tent. Good to know which brand works well in those extreme conditions. 
So where are all the guys that are camping in the Antarctic? 
Kraig Becker