10 Big Adventure Travel Opportunities For 2013

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Yesterday I shared a post that I wrote for Wired‘s Extremo Files Blog on my top five picks for the best climbs of 2012. Today I have a new post over on Gadling that looks ahead to 2013 instead. This story is my top ten picks for big adventure travel trips for the coming year, offering suggestions for great destinations and activities for those looking to add a little adventure to their life.

Some of the options that I included on my list this year are things like going camping in Antarctica, mountain biking in the Himalaya and taking a walking safari on the Serengeti. But rather than just throwing out some suggestions on amazing things to do, I also link to a variety of adventure travel companies that can actually provide that experience. For instance, Quark Expeditions actually offers an option on one of their itineraries that will let you camp for a few nights on the Antarctic Peninsula, something that very few people ever have the opportunity to try. It also happens to be something that I would love to do if I ever make my way down to Antarctica.

When I’ve written similar pieces like this one in the past, I’ve always included one of my ultimate dream trips on the list and this one is no exception. It’s no secret that I love Africa and enjoy any opportunity I can get to go there. For me, the ultimate bucket-list trip through Africa would be a journey from Cairo to Cape Town overland. That is to say, driving, taking busses, ferries, etc. It turns out, Intrepid Travel offers just such an excursion with their 117-day Discover Africa tour. If you have four months to kill, and you’re looking for the ultimate way to visit Africa, this would be my recommendation.

One of the things I love when I write story like this one is hearing from travelers who didn’t know that some of these trips were even possible. It happens nearly every time I do something like this list and I always get a kick out of providing a few new dream adventures for someone who wasn’t even aware they were possible. Hopefully that will happen again this time, as I feel I’ve dug up a few really unique travel opportunities for those with an incurable case of wanderlust.

I hope you enjoy the suggestions and good luck with your 2013 adventures. Here’s to a new year filled with new possibilities.

Kraig Becker

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  1. i do admire people who loves to travel .. me too i love to be in new places and have wonderful experience on the journey .. and the 117-day Discover Africa Tour sounds really interesting…

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