All-Female Adventure Racing Team Eyes ARWC In Costa Rica

ARWC Ducati AST 1024 2770

Last year, the all-femaile adventure racing team of Ducati Bicycle Rideaway made history when they not only competed in, but completed the AR World Championship in France. That was a first for a team consisting entirely of women. This year, the girls are back and aiming to do it all over again in the ARWC to be held in Costa Rica this November.

The team, which now goes by the name of, consists of Jeanette Aviander, Carolina Andre, Kristina Carling and Linnéa Grahn, is the only all-girl team competing in Europe and is one of the few in the world. Traditionally in the sport of adventure racing, the coed teams consist of three men and a single woman. Occasionally those numbers shift to two men and two ladies and rarely do teams have a single male racer with three females. A squad entirely made up of women is practically unheard of.

Despite this gender discrepancy however, these four women simply love racing with one another and are looking forward to competing at the ARWC again this year. When they do go to Costa Rica to compete, they’ll be followed by adventure filmmaker Randy Ericksen who will document their race from start to finish. That should definitely prove to be an interesting film.

Good luck girls!

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “All-Female Adventure Racing Team Eyes ARWC In Costa Rica”

  1. What en empowering story for women! This sounds like an amazing experience. We led a trip to Costa Rica this winter break through UNI Study Abroad and the students loved it. We'll definately be cheering these ladies on!

  2. I heard this year in the "huarasinchi" race in Ecuador, was a female team "telconet-pacari". Four young girls team, also the only and first one, to compete in a wild race like that.

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