FEAT Canada Will Focus On Adventurous Females

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You’ve heard me mention the FEAT events on more than one occasion on this blog. Originating in South Africa, FEAT stands for Fascinating Expedition & Adventure Talks during which guest speakers are given seven minutes to share an important aspect of their adventures in a style that is similar to TED Talks. Speakers generally include mountaineers, outdoor endurance athletes, rock climbers, kayakers, explorers and more.

Previous versions of the event have been held in Cape Town and Johannesburg over the past couple of years but now the FEAT format is coming to North America. On March 8, FEAT Canada will take place at the Rio Theater in Vancouver where a number of interesting guests will take to the stage to tell their story. And since that day also happens to be International Woman’s Day, there will be a particular emphasis on female adventurers.

Some of the speakers that will be sharing their stories at FEAT Canada include ultramarathoner Ellie Greenwood, adventure racer Jen Segger, mountain biker Aimee Dunn and adventure photographer Robin O’Neill. In all, there will be a total of nine speakers, with each strictly timed to just seven minutes each. That adds up to one full night of adventure that will be hard to beat.

If you’re in Vancouver, or will be there next weekend, you’ll definitely want to drop by the event. Tickets are available online or at the door the night of the show.

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