Gear Closet: Keen Verdi Mid WP Hiking Boots

Comfortable, lightweight, durable and affordable. That seems to be the formula that Keen follows when designing their hiking boots, and over the years they’ve managed to work that formula into a fine art. Their boots have always been the perfect choice for the ultra-light backpacker, weekend warrior or adventure traveler. The company’s new Verdi Mid WP doesn’t stray far from that winning formula, although they do continue to refine their boots, improving them with every iteration.

Designed from the ground up to be a trail shoe for those who want to remain light on their feet without compromising performance, the Verdi Mid is everything you could ask for in a hiking boot. The tough and sturdy outsole provides good traction on a variety of surfaces while keeping your feet well protected from the rigors of the trail.

They feature rugged, yet breathable, fabrics that do a remarkable job of resisting wear and tear, while the ankle support is much appreciated for those long treks. Throw in excellent waterproofing and a tongue designed to keep rocks and dirt out of the interior and you have an excellent shoe that lives up to the Keen reputation for quality.

One of the things that I always appreciate from any shoe from Keen is that they have a relatively short – or even nonexistent – break-in period. That happens to be the case with the Verdi Mids as well, which seemed ready to hit the trail right out of the box. Aside from needing to loosen up a bit around the ankles, my first day out with these boots felt like I had worn them plenty of times before. There is something reassuring about pulling on a new pair of shoes that feel like a comfortable old pair of shoes.

My local trails have proven to be the perfect testing ground early in the year. Living in Texas, we’ve already had temperatures ranging from cool to surprisingly warm and when you add in some rain here and there, you get a nice mix that will put any boot through its paces. In cooler, wet weather the Verdi Mids kept my feet warm and dry while maintaining perfect footing along the way. In warmer, dustier weather my feet stayed dry, blister free and completely comfortable. The boots get bonus points for having a spacious interior that accommodates thicker hiking socks without any problem.

I was so impressed with their performance that I would recommend these boots for anyone in the market for a new three-season hiking shoe heading into the spring. They definitely subscribe to the Keen formula that I opened this post with, being comfortable, lightweight and quite durable. As for the “affordable” portion of that formula, the Verdi Mids come with a price tag of $120, which makes them a great buy for such a high quality product.

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that you get what you pay for, particularly when it comes to outdoor gear. Keen shoes remain one of the best values on the market however, providing plenty of performance and long life, making them a worth investment for any outdoor enthusiast.

If you have some big plans for spring hikes but need some good footwear to see you through those adventures, then the Keen Verdi Mids are certainly a great choice.

Kraig Becker