The Wizard’s Eye Expedition – A 5-Year Adventure Sailing Around The Globe


Professional kayaker Tyler Bradt is preparing to embark on his biggest adventure yet. Bradt, who holds the record for the tallest waterfall after run in kayak, has announced plans for what he is calling the Wizard’s Eye Expedition – a five year journey around the globe in search of high adventure.

In March of this year, Tyler will set sail aboard a 45-foot, 20-ton steel hulled boat which will serve as his home for the next five years. The plan is to explore the planet, immerse himself in diverse cultures and experiences, while searching for unique possibilities for adventure where ever he goes. That can include anything from paddling wild rivers to diving into lost caves. Tyler and his friends will kite and surf massive waves, climb to the tops of tall cliffs and BASE jump off of them and of course, circumnavigate the globe in the process.

This ambitious project will begin in just a few weeks, when Tyler will set sail on the first leg of his journey from the West Coast of the U.S. to New Zealand. The first year of the expedition will be consumed with that journey and all of the amazing experiences that he finds along the way. Year 2 will send him from NZ to India, while Year 3 will cover India to South Africa. The 4th Year will be a return trip from Africa to the U.S. and the 5th and final year will include sailing through the Northwest Passage and a return to his starting point.

The video below will give you an indication of what Tyler has planned and some insights into what is driving this journey. In its purest form, this is a quest for adventure in the far flung corners of the globe and it looks like it’ll be an amazing experience for those involved. I can’t wait to follow along and see what they find along the way.

Thanks to my friends at EpicTV for sharing this!

THE WIZARD’S EYE EXPEDITION from Wizard’s Eye on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker