Video: First Ever Footage Of Baby Tigers In The Wild (Updated!)

Tigers are notoriously reclusive cats that have gotten rarer as their species has continued to shrink in numbers. But recently the BBC was able to capture the first ever footage of a mother tiger with her cubs in the wild. And just how exactly did they manage to do this after years of trying? Simple! They strapped cameras to elephants! It seems the pachyderms and big cats are not exactly mortal enemies, so the tigers don’t flee when the elephants wander by. As a result, the BBC was lucky enough to capture this footage. Narration provided by Sir David Attenborough of course!

Update: It has been brought to my attention that this video is older than the February 15 posting date to YouTube and likely dates back to 2007. It was originally used in a BBC documentary entitled Tiger: Spy in the Jungle which was broadcasted in 2008. The footage is still remarkable and the story remains the same, but wanted to clarify that this isn’t completely new after all.

Kraig Becker