Video: Hellas TransMountains MTB Race

The Hellas TransMountains mountain bike race looks like quite the competition. The event, which is put on by Wildtrack and is held in Peloponnese, Greece, features a course that is 530km (330 miles0 in length and includes over 14,000 meters (45,931 ft) of elevation gain. To add to the challenge, the entire race must be completed in 110 hours and riders must be self-supported throughout. Sounds like quite the challenge, no? The video below serves as good introduction to the event and gives you an indication of what it is all about.

If it looks like fun the second edition of the race will take place later this year from September 29-October 5. So head over to the official race website and get registered, then hop on your bike and get to training.

Hellas TransMountains | Edition #1 from Explore MediaLab on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker