Video: A Mountain Guide’s Take On The Garmin fēnix

Judging from the amount of traffic that this series of videos from Garmin has gotten over the past few weeks, I think it safe to say that you are enjoying learning more about the fēnix GPS watch and how it can be used in our outdoor pursuits. The latest video features German mountain guide Christof Schellhammer, who worked closely with Garmin int he development of the fēnix. Christof shares how he uses the device to navigate through the mountains and the role it plays in helping him be a safer guide.

The more I see of these videos, the more I think I need one of these watches, which is kind of the point huh?

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: A Mountain Guide’s Take On The Garmin fēnix”

  1. I was not so sure about the value of the Fenix – but of course, as he said, it can be very important while you climbing a face and want to know where in hell you are! Maybe the next model will also be able to tell you why the hell you are doing this!
    (just kidding). hans baer

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