Video: Mountain Of Greatness Trailer – Trail Running Around Kilimanjaro

Tanzanian ultrarunner Simon Mtuy has always wanted to raise awareness of his homeland’s fantastic trail running opportunities and in 2012 he finally got his chance. Last year, Simon led a group of endurance athletes that included ultrarunning legend Krissy Moehl on an 8-day, 160-mile run around Kilimanjaro. The group crossed through difficult terrain, dealt with plenty of heat and ran trails that see very little traffic as they completed the first circumnavigation around Africa’s highest mountain. They also encountered breathtaking scenery and the interacted with the wonderfully friendly Tanzanians that live along the base of the mountain.

While they were off on their trail running adventure a film crew captured the experience from start to finish. The film, which is entitled Mountain of Greatness, is set to make its debut at the Trails In Motion Film Festival in March, but you can check out the trailer below. It gives us a sneak peek at what the runners experienced while on this epic run along the base of Kili.

If after watching this trailer you should happen to find yourself motivated to make this run for yourself, you’re in luck. Simon is organizing another Kilimanjaro Stage Run for 2013. It will take place from October 19-29 and comes with an all-inclusive price of just $2125 per person. Seems like a bargain for this kind of adventure.

Thanks to Andrew King for sharing this great story and video!

Mountain of Greatness – Teaser from D4 PRODUCTIONS | Andrew King on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker