Video: Mountaineer Simone Moro Loves His Garmin fēnix Watch

GPS device manufacturer Garmin has taken the wraps off a new series of videos this morning. These short films feature a variety of outdoor personalities using their fēnix GPS watches in their favorite activities.

Take the one below for example. It stars mountaineer Simone Moro, who tells us all the reasons he loves the fēnix. For instance, Simone says he loves how the watch can help him find his way back to his tent, even when the weather turns nasty. He ought to know a thing or two about bad weather, considering he has climbed a number of 8000 meter peaks, three of which were in the winter.

I’m in the market for a watch like the fēnix and what intrigues me about Garmin’s offering is all the options it brings to the table. For instance, in the video Simone shows off the tempe wireless temperature sensor, which pairs with the watch via BlueTooth and transmits actual temperatures to the watch.

The sensor can be attached to your backpack and worn all day, giving you a real sense of the temperature at all times. Typically with watches like this one, the built in sensor is thrown off by body heat. Definitely cool stuff.