Video: Sir Ranulph Fiennes Loves His Garmin fēnix Too!

Yesterday I posted a video of mountaineer Simone Moro waxing poetically about how much he loved his Garmin fēnix GPS watch. Today we have another noted adventurer in the form of Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who does the same thing. As most of you know, Fiennes is one of the most famous explorers on the planet, having visited both the North and South Poles, climbed Everest and completed seven marathons in seven days on seven continents. He is also preparing for what could be the toughest challenge of his career, a winter traverse of Antarctica that will begin in March.

In the video, Sir Ran talks about how the technology in the fēnix has made navigating on his expeditions so much easier. He talks about previous adventures in which he would use a sextant to determine his location, taking lots of time to complete the painstaking process. Now, he can simply touch a button on his wrist and know his location at all times. He also talks about how the navigation features can be a lifesaver when conditions take a turn for the worst.

Obviously this series of videos are commercials produced by Garmin, but they are also interesting case studies of how some of our favorite adventurers put their gear to use in the field. That’s something that always fascinates me, particularly when I’m interested in what ever piece of gear they are using.

Kraig Becker