Yosemite Junior Ranger Writes Adorable Letter Apologizing For Taking Sticks Home

800px Yosemite Valley from Wawona Tunnel view, vista point.

One of the lesser known rules when visiting America’s national parks is that everything within their boundaries is technically public property and as such is suppose to be left undisturbed. That means we’re not suppose to pick flowers, take rocks or mess with the wildlife, although that last one should go without saying.

Recently one of Yosemite’s Junior Rangers by the name of “Evie” accidentally took too sticks home with her when she left the park. When she realized she wasn’t suppose to take anything at all, she immediately wrote a letter of apology and sent the sticks back to the ranger station in Yosemite. That letter, as it appeared when it was opened, can be viewed in the image below or click here to see it at full size. The rangers who received the message wrote Evie back and thanked her for her diligence and respect for nature. They promised to return the sticks to the wilderness for her as well.

This is an absolutely heartwarming story. I love that this girl was so bothered by the fact that she took the sticks that she just had to send them back. Someone promote this Junior Ranger to a full fledged ranger asap!

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Yosemite Junior Ranger Writes Adorable Letter Apologizing For Taking Sticks Home”

  1. Awww, that is so freaking cute. He sent the sticks back, what a sweetie pie.

    Cool adventure blog. I'm trying to go on more adventures myself and face my social anxiety, so I think it is fun to see what kinds of adventures real adventurers are undertaking 😛

  2. If you're looking for adventures Valorie, you've come to the right place. We try to inspire with some awesome stories of what others are up to and encourage everyone to find their own adventures where ever they may be. 🙂

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