Adventure Tech: The Clearpath Robotic’s Grizzly Unmanned ATV


The days of pulling a heavy sled to the North or South Pole or lugging all of your gear across an open desert may be over. Clearpath Robotics has just introduced the new Grizzly ATV, which is designed to be an unmanned cart for carrying heavy loads over difficult terrain.

According to the Grizzly’s specs, it can carry a load of up to 600 kg (1322 pounds) and can travel as fast as 19 km/h (11.8 mph). In the video below it also demonstrates its ability to go all kinds of challenging terrain. It is also packed with a host of sensors that help find its way and it’s brains are powered by an open-source Robot Operating System.

Lest anyone think this new robot is going to make life easier on our favorite adventurers anytime real soon, I should point out that it’s batteries are only good for about 12-hours max (much less with a heavy load). It then requires a 12-hour recharge time before use again. Something that wouldn’t be very easy to do at the South Pole. Still, it is an interesting looking concept. No word yet on price.

Kraig Becker