Gear Closet: Cannondale Trail Mountain Biking Jersey

trail jersey emperor red

With spring a little over a week away, I’m sure more than a few of you are already counting down the days until you can break out your mountain bikes. As the weather warms and the days get longer, there are few things better than hitting the trail for an extended ride. In fact, nothing beats a well tuned machine rolling effortlessly along a beautiful trail with not another soul in sight. On those long rides its important to stay comfortable while in the saddle and thats where your riding gear comes into play. We all know that a good pair of mountain biking shorts can make a big difference on how much you enjoy the ride, but a good jersey can play just as important role.

On my early spring rides I’ve been rolling along in the new Cannondale Trail jersey. Like most modern active gear, this shirt is made from highly breathable and wicking tech fabrics that help to keep riders dry while also regulating temperature. The Trail is everything you could ask for in mountain biking jersey providing plenty of comfort, offering a relaxed fit while also managing to look great too. And unlike some jerseys from other manufacturers, the shirt is actually comfortable and stylish enough that you won’t feel embarrassed to wear it when you stop for that post-ride burger.

But as any mountain biker will tell you, a shirt has to do more than look good to earn a spot in the adventure wardrobe and fortunately Cannondale delivered in that department. The lightweight fabrics deliver on the promise of wicking moisture away from the skin and yet they were still able to keep me comfortable in a variety of temperatures.

Those same fabrics are surprisingly durable, which is another important quality in active outerwear. On more than one occasion I’ve managed to find some spectacular ways to go over my handlebars while riding a particularly challenging stretch of trail, and while my pride didn’t make it out unscathed, the Trail jersey certainly did. After multiple outings the shirt still looks brand new without any indication that it has ever been worn, let alone survived a crash or two.

Cannondale has integrated a small but very useful pocket along the left side. It’s larger enough to hold a set of car keys and a couple of energy gels, which is all you need while on a short ride. On longer runs you’re likely to bring a backpack but  if you want to go ultralight, the pocket comes in handy.

Despite having all these great qualities, Cannondale may have saved the for the price tag. The Trail jersey runs just $39.95, which is actually quite a bargain for such a high quality mountain biking shirt. If you’re looking to gear up for your spring rides and could use a new performance jersey for the warmer months ahead, then add the Trail to your list of “must buy” items. It is an impressive piece of apparel that I think will soon be amongst your favorite gear items.

Kraig Becker