Swim1000 The Film: Following Dave Cornthwaite Down The Missouri River


One of the most inspiring expeditions we followed last year was Dave Cornthwaite’s 1000-mile swim down the Missouri River. It was the latest phase of his Expedition 1000 project, during which Dave is undertaking 25 separate journeys, each of 1000 miles or more in length, without the use of motorized transportation. In the past, he’s done such things as skateboarding 3618 miles (5822 km) across Australia and stand-up paddleboarding along the length of the Mississippi River.

While each of those expeditions were challenging in their own right, nothing prepared Dave for the challenges he would face on the Missouri River. Day-in and day-out, for 58 days, he dove into the murky waters of the Missouri to swim 12+ hours per day in order to cover the 1001 miles between Chamberlain, South Dakota and St. Louis, Missouri, where he eventually pulled himself out of the river for good at the famous Gateway Arch.

Much of Dave’s journey was captured by filmmaker Miguel Endara, who has now put together an amazing 8-minute short film of the Swim1000 expedition. That film gives us a very personal look at the journey down the Missouri, which took a physical and mental toll on our intrepid adventurer, who was shadowed by a support team that paddled along the entire way. To watch the video click here.

And when you’re done enjoying Miguel’s wonderful short film, read about Dave’s fund raising efforts for CoppaFeel, an organization dedicated to the prevention of breast cancer through early detection. A cause that we can all agree is a worthy one.

Kraig Becker