Trek To Everest Base Camp And Raise Funds For Orphans At The Same Time!

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One of the top adventure travel experiences for anyone who wants to experience the Himalaya is a trek to Everest Base Camp. The trip takes about two-weeks round trip and really immerses you in the landscapes and culture of Nepal along the way. Take it from me, I did this trek a few years back and absolutely loved it. Later this year, you can make that trek too and raise funds for a local orphanage in the process.

Non-profit organization Kids of Kathmandu has joined forces with adventure travel company Discover Outdoors to create a unique fund raising experience. Those looking to participate in the trek have two options. They can simply pay $2995 ($2895 if you register before April 30) to join the group or commit to raising $9000 for the Kids of Kathmandu. If that goal is reached, the cost of the trip is covered and the cash raised will go to support a very important project.

And what exactly is that project? KoK is looking to improve the quality of life in an orphanage in Bhaktapur by installing solar panels that will help provide power there. Anyone who has ever been to Nepal has probably experienced the rolling blackouts that are common there but by installing solar panels they hope to alleviate the downtime and provide the children living in this orphanage with electricity . The travelers who join this trek will also pay a visit to the orphanage so they can meet some of the children they’re helping personally.

The trek is scheduled to take place September 26 – October 13 of this year.  To find out more and to sign up, click here.

The Himalaya, Everest Base Camp and a good cause? Sounds like a perfect adventure.

Kraig Becker