Underwater Camera Lost In Hawaii Found Six Years Later In Taiwan

Back in 2007, Lindsay Scallan travelled to Hawaii to enjoy that tropical paradise and take in a little scuba diving while she was there. She took with her a small Canon Powershot camera to capture the moments from her trip and she even had an underwater housing to use while she was on a dive. But while on an evening scuba excursion she accidentally dropped the camera and lost it in the sands at the bottom of the ocean.

She searched for the device as long as she could but couldn’t locate it in turbulent seas and sadly she returned home to Georgia without her photos, camera or expensive dive housing.

At the time she was sure that her camera was long gone and would never be seen again, after all what are the chances that someone would find it in the sea? And if they did, how would they ever know to return it to her. But someone did find it, just not where she expected. An employee of China Airlines came across the camera, still in the waterproof housing, last month when it washed up on a beach in Taiwan – thousands of miles and six years removed from where it was lost.

The person who found Lindsay’s Canon Powershot then contacted Hawaii News Now and asked them to help find the person the camera belonged to. The website posted Lindsay’s photos online and they were later spotted by a friend of hers who told her about the story. When she saw the images she says she was “floored.” She couldn’t believe that her missing camera was located so long after it was lost and so far away no less.

China Airlines has offered to fly her to Taiwan to claim the camera but Lindsay says she just started a new job, so she isn’t sure she’ll be able to get away. Instead, she may have to settle for having the camera shipped to her so she can review all of her long lost vacation photos at last.

Pretty amazing story. It also serves as a reminder of just how connected our planet is. Something lost in the ocean can travel a long way before its journey finally comes to an end. Oh the things that camera must have seen as it crossed the Pacific this past six years.

Kraig Becker

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