Video: Frozen Frontier – Post Expedition Update From Mikael Strandberg

One of the expeditions that I’ve written about a few times already this year is Mikael Strandberg’s Frozen Frontier journey with the Reindeer People of Siberia. The explorer has spent the last couple of months traveling through one of the coldest inhabited regions on the planet and yesterday he released a post-expedition update in the form of the video below. It gives us a good sense of what he’s been up to these past weeks and what we can expect from the documentary he is working on from this adventure.

Post-Trip Update from Outwild TV on Vimeo

Kraig Becker

2 thoughts on “Video: Frozen Frontier – Post Expedition Update From Mikael Strandberg”

  1. Hi Kraig, thanks as always, what we fringe people do without you? I just wanna add that the footage was taken last year on the rec tour, the real footage just arrived in the US and should even be better!

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