Video: Helmet Cam Captures Tumble Down Snowdon Mountain

This video has really been making the rounds the past couple of days but I thought it was worth sharing here as well. It was captured by a helmet cam worn by climber Mark Roberts who was attempting a solo winter climb up Snowdon, a 1085 meter (3560 ft) mountain that just so happens to be the tallest in Wales. At one point, a large chunk of ice comes off the slope and strikes Roberts, knocking him off the face and sending him tumbling down the slope. Its pretty harrowing to watch but fortunately he came away with just a broken ankle and some bumps and bruises. When it finally comes to a stop after falling for a bit his first instinct is to reach for the camera to see if it is still in place. Something tells me Roberts knew the footage on the camera would make for a good viral video.

Kraig Becker