Adventure Tech: TomTom Announces Line Of GPS Fitness Watches

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TomTom, a company that is well known for its GPS devices, has announced that it is throwing its hat into the GPS fitness watch arena. The watches will come in two different models including one specifically designed for runners and the other for multi-sport athletes.

Both versions of the watch will feature large screens that are designed to be easy to read even while on the go. An innovative single-button control will make it easy to navigate through menus and options too. Each of these watches has the ability to track runs both indoors and outdoors and can sync and share that data through a variety of popular fitness websites. TomTom promises an ultra-slim design that will be comfortable to wear on just about any wrist and Bluetooth technology will link the watches to optional accessories such as heart rate monitors or a cadence speed sensor on a bike. The multisport model will also feature a built-in swim sensor for tracking laps and will come with a dedicated handlebar mount for cycling.

According to the press release from TomTom, these new watches will also include QuickGPSFix technology which allows them to connect to satellites faster so you can get started on your workout sooner. The company also says that data stored on the watch can be imported into social fitness sites such as MapMyFitness, RunKeeper, TrainingPeaks, MyFitnessPal and their very own TomTom MySports website. Battery life is reportedly about 10 hours, which is a little low when compared to some of the competition, but we’ll see how well it actually performs after its released.

The two watches will be released this summer and while there are no prices announced yet, TomTom says that they will be competitive with similar watches from other companies.

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  1. Good question, but I'd say yes. Nike is probably moving in a different direction anyway with rumors of their own GPS watch and developing apps for Fuelband and other future projects.

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