Outer Edge Magazine Explores The Culture Of Doping

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Outer Edge magazine is Australia’s version of the popular Outside mag here in the States. It’s a wonderful publication released bi-monthly with some fantastic articles that any outdoor enthusiast would love. I’ve been fortunate enough to contribute to OE for the past few years and I’ve enjoyed working with them immensely.

When the latest issue hit the newsstand there was a lot of discussion in the mainstream media surrounding the culture of doping that has risen around the sport of cycling, in no small part thanks to the evolving Lance Armstrong story. An article in Outer Edge entitled “Excess Baggage” brought that story to the forefront further by sharing the tale of Dean Jones, a professional rider with a ten year career on the European circuit. Dean’s story is a compelling one as he gives us a glimpse of what it is like behind the scenes and how he watched his cycling dreams crumble around him. The entire story will play out in three parts with the next part coming in the May issue of the magazine.

Now, 4 Corners – Australia’s most respected investigative television news program – has picked up the story as well and is running with it. Their coverage is helping to bring more attention to the OE story and the impact of doping on cycling in general, as well as the role that organized crime plays in the whole sordid affair.

With all of this extra attention being given to the subject, the editors at OE have published my opinion piece from the latest issue online as well. You can read the entire article for a limited time online by clicking here. In this story, I share some of my personal perspectives on the subject and how it could potentially be combatted.

I’m a big fan of cycling and I respect the riders a great deal. But I’d also like to see the sport cleaned up and have everyone riding on an even playing field. I think we have a ways to go before that actually happens, but I do think we’re heading in the right direction.

Kraig Becker