The Rest of Everest Episode 183: The Karakoram Highway

Have you had enough news from Everest already this season? Rather hear about an even more imposing mountain instead? Then you’re in luck, as the sixth season of The Rest of Everest gets underway, this time taking us to the wilds of Pakistan and to the K2, the Savage Mountain itself.

After last week’s intro to the new season, this week we’re off an running with the first new full episode. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be following alpinist Brian Block as he embarks on expeditions into the Karakoram, which begin with a drive along the infamous Karakoram Highway, a route that is as harrowing as it is breathtaking.

If you’ve ever wondered what an expedition to K2 and Broad Peak is like, you’ll definitely want to tune in for these episodes. They promise to be quite the show.

Kraig Becker