The Rest of Everest Episode 184: Off Road Adventure

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about an expedition to the Karakoram, and how it differs from one to the Himalaya, then you definitely need to be watching the latest season of the Rest of Everest. It is a fantastic weekly video podcast that has been amongst my favorite for years now. In the past, the show has centered around all things Everest, but this season we’re headed for K2 and Broad Peak, a very different experience altogether.

In the latest episode, climber Brian Block takes us further along the journey just to get to Base Camp. That started last week with a ride down the Karakoram Highway that took us into Skardu, which is the last big town in the region before heading into the more remote regions. In this episode, the journey continues to Askole, where the trek to BC will actually begin.

Kraig Becker