Video: Expedition Amundsen – The World’s Toughest Ski Race

There are so many amazing athletic competitions taking place on our planet that it is impossible to keep track of them all. Take for instance, the Expedition Amundsen race that took place a month ago on the mountain plateau of Hardangervidda in Norway. The race is 100 km in length (62 miles) through some of the toughest and most remote backcountry in all of Europe. To put it mildly, this is a tough race under the best of conditions.

But the 2013 edition of the race didn’t take place under the best of conditions. Part way through the event, a storm rolled through the region, stranding 63 of the 136 competitors in their tents for more than 36 hours. They sat out the storm before proceeding to the finish line, where the race leaders were able to cross before things took a turn for the worse. All told, 51 racers were forced to withdraw due to the extreme weather and difficult conditions.

The video below gives you a sense of what this race is all about. It looks like it was brutal out there, but fortunately everyone got home in one piece.

Kraig Becker