Video: Poco Loco – Climbing In The Peruvian Andes (Pt. 4)

Today we have the fourth and final video from the climbing series that I’ve been featuring all week long that has taken us on an expedition to the Peruvian Andes to climb the 5440 meter (17,847 ft) Puscanturpa Este. The Dutch team featured in the videos climbed a new route along the North Face of the mountain, dubbing that route Poco Loco after they completed it.

After watching the team train in the Alps, then travel to Peru to reach Base Camp, followed by some acclimatization in the Andes, it’s now time for the climb to begin in ernest. This video gets down to the nitty gritty of this first ascent, giving us some great views of the massive wall and the surrounding countryside. Lots of excellent climbing shots in this segment and a great capper to a series of good grass-roots climbing videos for sure.

Kraig Becker