Video: Training For Everest With Ueli Steck

We all know Ueli Steck is amongst the most talented alpinists in the world today, but even the best climbers have to train and prepare for the Himalaya. In the video below, Ueli shares his training routine for taking on Everest, where he and Simone Moro are working on a “different” route this spring. If you’ve ever wondered how he prepares, here’s your answer. And it is about as simple of an approach as you would expect.

Every time I see a video like this one I am reminded of just how much of a freak of nature Ueli actually is. At one point he talks about spending two nights at high altitude and how he still manages to eat well. Losing your appetite and getting enough calories are two of the biggest challenges of high altitude mountaineering, but it seems that isn’t a problem for the “Swiss Machine.” He even described it as having a big party up on the mountain. Yep, definitely a freak.

Kraig Becker