Expedition Africa Adventure Race Wrap-Up

Last week the Expedition Africa Adventure Race took place in South Africa, where 31 teams went head to head on a 550 km (341 mile) course that was specifically built to test their skills and push them to their physical limits. The event was part of the Adventure Racing Wold Series and is the only qualifier for the AR World Championships to be held in Africa his year. By all accounts, the race was an excellent one with fantastic trekking, mountain biking and paddling legs that really showed off the amazing landscapes of the host country. After more than four days of non-stop racing, Team Haglofs Silva of Sweden claimed the victory. Second place went to Team Technu Adventure Racing from the U.S. and Canada, who were about three hours behind the winners. Team Raidlight of France rounded out the podium.

My friend Lisa de Speville was on hand to cover the race from start to finish, which is no easy feat in and of itself. Lisa is a fantastic AR corespondent because she not only knows the sport inside and out, but is passionate about it as well. You can read her race recap here and catch the rest of her outstanding coverage here. If you’re already a fan of adventure racing, you’ll enjoy catching up with everything that went down during the race and you can learn a lot about team strategy, race logistics and so on as well.

Below you’ll also find a video from the race directors that shares highlights from the event. It’ll also give you a great idea of what the teams faced while out on the course. Having visited South Africa myself and seeing again here in this video, I have to say that it makes a fantastic location for an race like this one.

Kraig Becker