Kayakers Drop Five Successive Falls In Mexico

view from the air

Over the past couple of years we’ve become accustomed to paddlers making some daring white water runs and dropping over some extremely big waterfalls. But recently three paddlers pushed the limits even further by going over five successive waterfalls in Mexico that combined to make one very big descent.

The team, which consisted of Rafa Ortiz, Evan Garcia, and Rush Sturges, ran a stretch of water along the Rio Santo Domingo that included waterfalls that are 80-, 90-, 60-, 20-, and 40-feet in height, all in rapid succession. That’s a total of 290 feet (88.3 meters) in one quick go, with very little time for recovery between each drop.

There isn’t any video on this paddling expedition yet, but considering that it was sponsored by Red Bull, you know that it has to be coming soon. I for one can’t wait to see what this looks like when you catch it all in motion. Hopefully from a helmet cam that shows each of the successive drops. But for now, we’ll just have to settle for some the amazing still photos that are posted on the Red Bull website.

Kraig Becker