Mikael Strandberg’s 25 Essentials For Beginning Adventurers


Explorer Mikael Strandberg has ridden his bike from Chile to Alaska and from Norway to South Africa. He has explored Patagonia on horseback and trekked across East Africa. His journeys have taken him to remote places in Siberia, across the Arabian and Sahara Deserts and deep into the Empty Quarter in Yemen. To say that he knows a thing or two about selecting the right gear for an expedition would be an understatement, as he certainly puts his equipment to the test in some of the most inhospitable places on Earth.

In a blog post published yesterday, Mikael offers some advice to would-be explorers on the gear they’ll need for their own adventures. The post is entitled “25 essential items for the beginning adventurer” and  it serves as a great list of basic equipment that we should all have in our gear closets. And while he doesn’t share the specific model of this gear, he does tells us which brand makes the items that he uses. For instance, the number one item on his list is a sleeping bag and the one that Makael takes into the field with him is made by Mountain Hardwear.

Other items include the obvious such as tents, backpacks and boots. But there are a few other items that you might not have thought about when planning your own escape. For example, Mikael reminds us all to bring duct tape because “It can pretty much fix anything!” He also has tools like an axe and saw amongst his essentials and favors a compass over a GPS for a variety of reasons.

I found the post interesting not just because of the gear that Mikael recommends, but also his explanation of why he feels it is important. Some of the stuff may seem extraneous for what you have in mind for your own expeditions, but coming from a guy who has spent a lot of time exploring the world, it is hard to dismiss the suggestions out right. For instance, taking a laptop might sound like a luxury, particularly in terms of extra weight, but it may be your best form of communication back to the world and sending dispatches back from the field is a good way to please any sponsors.

All in all, a good list and definitely a good place to start assembling your own essential gear.

Kraig Becker