The Rest Of Everest Episode 186: Camp Urdukas

If you haven’t been watching the current season of The Rest of Everest, you’re truly missing out. The video podcast series has moved away from the familiar surroundings of its namesake peak in favor of the more remote, and seldom seen, regions of the Karakoram. This time we’re headed to Broad Peak and K2 with climber Brian Block and it gives us the opportunity to visit a place that is seldom seen in comparison to the well tread routes to Everest.

The latest video in the series can be found below. Brian, his team and their porters are now on the trek into the Karakoram itself and the landscapes are utterly breathtaking. This looks like it is truly one of the most beautiful places on the planet and watching these episodes are amping up my desire to visit K2 Base Camp for myself. It does look truly amazing.

If you missed last week’s episode, which I didn’t have the chance to post when it was released, you’ll find it by click here. It’s a wonderful show as well as we see the team go through the process of selecting the porters they’ll use on this expedition. Fascinating stuff mountaineering junkies.

Kraig Becker