The Rest Of Everest Episode 188: Throwing Rocks

The latest episode of The Rest of Everest is out and it continues a very exciting expedition to the Karakoram with mountaineer Brian Block. After spending the past few episodes simply getting to Base Camp, the first climb is about to begin. Brian and his team will start with an attempt on Broad Peak, an 8051 meter (26,414 ft) mountain that falls on the border of Pakistan and China. This will be the warm-up for an eventual go at K2, but for now the team is focused on BP.

This is a chance to see some fantastic footage from a mountain that seldom gets much coverage. I’m very much enjoying the fact that this season is not focused on Everest but is giving us a glimpse at another remote, yet equally beautiful, area of the world. If you haven’t watched The Rest of Everest in the past, nows your time to jump on. I think you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Kraig Becker