Video: Mountaineer Dan Hughes Conducts First Video Call From Everest Summit

On Sunday, Dan Hughes climbed to the summit of Everest with the Jagged Globe team where he proceeded to make history by making the first video call from the top of world’s highest mountain. Dan used an HTC One, connected to an Inmarsat BGAN data modem to place the call, which was to conduct and interview with the BBC. The video of that interview can be seen below.

It’s pretty amazing how far our technology has come. The fact that it is now possible to converse with someone who has just climbed Everest via a video call is simply amazing. Video quality isn’t the best, that probably has more to do with the speed of the data connection than anything else. Otherwise, this all works surprisingly well and gives us an interesting glimpse of what it is like at the top on Summit Day. We truly do live in amazing times.

Kraig Becker