Video: Training For Everest With Simone Moro

Ever wonder how one of the world’s top alpinists trains for Everest? In the video below, Simone Moro shares his approach to not just training but also nutrition, discussing his food intake both on and off the mountain. His exercise program includes light weight training and lots of running.

The Italian climber says that he runs 100 – 140km (62-87 miles) per week, which is not only good for his cardiovascular system but allows him to spend two hours per day inside his own head. That serves as good mental training for the challenges of high altitude mountaineering.

Obviously this video was shot prior to Simone heading to the Himalaya this year and long before the incident that went down on the mountain this week. Still, it provides some insights into Simone himself and the focus needed to climb the big peaks.

Kraig Becker