Adventure Kitchen: Sharkies Energy Sports Chews and A New Flavor From Clif Bar

Sharkies OrganicSportsChew image

I’m the kind of person who can’t exercise on an empty stomach but also can’t have anything too heavy before a workout either. As a result, I regularly find myself walking a fine line on when and what to eat in the lead-up to a run, bike ride or other intense aerobic workout. That’s why I like to have some quick and easy pre-workout snacks that can provide the energy I need without filling me up. Recently I’ve had a chance to try two new, and very different, options in this department and I came away pleased with both of them.

Sharkies Energy Sports Chews
The first new option in my pantry are the tasty energy sports chews from Sharkies. These all-organic chews are designed to provide energy for our bodies for use in our favorite endurance sports. They provide a natural source of electrolytes, contain no trans fats or high fructose corn syrup. They also happen to be free of wheat, gluten and nuts, which means they are perfectly safe for those who have intolerances to any of those items.

The one thing these chews aren’t lacking in is flavor. In fact, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear these were gummy candies that you’d pick up from your local convenience store. That means they’re sweet, tasty and good for you. They also happen to provide fuel for a workout without weighing you down in any way.

I’ve tested three different flavors of these chews – Watermelon Scream, Barry Blast and Fruit Splash – and it is a toss-up on which one I like best. I’m not even a big fan of watermelon flavored snacks, but these were a nice mix of sweet and tangy that I found I enjoyed quite a bit. The shark-shaped chews also have a nice consistency to them that makes them easy to enjoy as well. Other similar energy chews that I’ve tried in the past actually turned out to be a more challenging to eat than the actual workout itself.

Sharkies sells the chews in a box of 12 for $17.80, which works out to just $1.48 per pack. That’s actually a very competitive price when compared to similar products on the market, many of which aren’t nearly as tasty.

I’ve been munching on Sharkies prior to some longer runs recently and have been very happy with the results. Not only do they provide emergency fuel when I’m hungry before a workout but they do so without slowing me down in the least. The fact that manage to taste good while doing so is yet another added benefit.

Clif Bar Sierra Trail Mix Bar

By now, we’re all familiar with the popular and ubiquitous Clif Bars. The company has been around forever and continues to refine their iconic energy bars. This spring they’ve introduced an interesting new flavor that is perfect for everything from a pre-run fuel-up or a mid-hike snack.

The new flavor is called Sierra Trail Mix and just like the iconic snack that it is named after, it contains plenty of peanuts, chocolate and raisins all in handy bar that you can carry with you anywhere. Like the other bars in Clif’s line-up, this new addition is an excellent source of protein and fiber, contains 23 vitamins and minerals, but zero trans fats. That means it is a great source of quick energy when your batteries start to run a little low.

I have a confession to make. I haven’t always been a fan of Clif Bar products. There were times in the past that I found them to be dry, hard to swallow and mostly tasteless. Those days are long gone however and now I find that I enjoy pretty much every flavor in the line-up. I can now add Sierra Trail Mix to that list too. This new flavor is everything you like about traditional trail mix, but in an easy to carry and eat package.

This new addition to the line-up is well worth taste. Pick some up where ever Clif Bars are sold, which is just about everywhere if your neighborhood is anything like mine.

Kraig Becker