Blog Plug: Mama Fitness – How To Get Back Into Shape After An Extended Time Off

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If you read my blog or social media outlets with any regularity, you probably know that I’m a fairly active person. I like to run, love to ride my bike and just about any excuse to go outside is fine by me. Personally, I enjoy the benefits of healthy living for its own sake, but I also know that staying fit pays off when I travel to some far flung location to go hiking, climbing or some other great activity. I consider my almost daily workouts to be paying it forward on rewards that are yet to come.

We all know that staying in shape is actually easier than getting back into shape, particularly if you’ve let your workouts lapse for any length of time. That is exactly the subject of a new series of blog posts that my friend Angela Chenus is writing on her website. She recently returned from a vacation to Rocky Mountain National Park, which was active but also got her off a routine of healthy eating and regular exercise. Now that she’s back home however, she is ready to get focused on getting back into shape and with that goal in mind, she has laid out a plan to get there. She calls that plan Mama Fitness.

As the name implies, these blog posts are mostly written from the perspective of a mom who wants to improve her physical condition after having a baby, but there are good tips for anyone who has been thinking about starting to get back into shape. I love the no nonsense approach Angela takes to starting her routine, which is basically don’t make excuses and find some time to exercise where ever you can. One of the most common excuses I hear is “I don’t have the time to workout,” although in my mind it is a matter of making it a priority and finding the time.

The other key to success is staying focused and dedicated to your workout schedule, even when you’re not really feeling like it. Newsflash! None of us ever feel like it, there are always other things to do that are more fun and enjoyable. But to see significant gains and improvements, you have to stay dedicated. There are days when the hardest part of my run is just getting out the door. But once I get underway, I feel better and when it is over, I feel great.

Anyway, if you’re looking for helpful tips to get yourself motivated and back on track, be sure to read Angie’s blog and the plan that she is putting into place. She has even shared some nutritional tips and recipes that might prove helpful as well.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thanks for the great intro to this new series, Kraig! I value the input from readers and their encouragement as vital to keeping it together myself! I am quite motivated by the progress I am feeling and living and (hope to be seeing on the scale soon), but sharing conversations it what interests me the most. Today's post is all about The Adventure Blog. I love that you show us what a great big world it is out there, full of life and places to explore. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the tips. A change in my job required me to stop exercisign for almost a year. I'm really happy I can finally start again!

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